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報告題目Evolution in mobile crane construction - a journey through the                           world of giants


報 告 人 Harald Riedinger

徐工集團歐洲研究院 院長






Harald Riedinger

Managing Director

XCMG European Research Center, Krefeld / Germany

Languages: German / English

Double degree:

Mechanical Engineering / Dipl-Ing

International Welding Engineer / IWE

Working experience: 29 years in construction equipment industries, predominantly in the Cranes business


Harald has a strong background in research and development, where he started his career. He was substantially involved in developing the biggest mobile cranes in the world, All Terrain and predominantly large Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes with up to 3200 metric tons working loads and holds both, a degree as a mechanical engineer and a degree as an International Welding Engineer (IWE).

In his additional role as International Welding Engineer, he gained a profound expertise over the years, developed and implemented a high-performance approach, to optimize the development process in terms of steel structures and welding technology.

Harald is driven by challenge, gained increased responsibilities and held numerous positions, including “Director Technology & Innovation”, “Quality Project Manager” and “Head of Welding”.

During his career, he furthermore acquired a broad understanding in several business areas, amongst others such as production, lean manufacturing, quality assurance as well as forming of and acting in different project teams.

He took over technical leadership in several projects in the US, Europe and China, where his excellent leadership skills, his profound engineering background and his broad experience, combined with his talent in leading and/or interacting with multicultural teams were clearly recognized. Harald is a highly experienced and excellent manager and always focused to develop the organization or the teams he is in onto a higher level.

He is member in several associations for research, member of the DVS (German Society for Welding Technologies) and a renowned lecturer and guest speaker. He is well known and highly regarded in the construction equipment industries and very well connected.